Sidenotes: Gojira [1954] / Rant

A rant from my recent review.

I got stalked for YEARS. I’d have left things be. But it didn’t end. It even washed up here.

In a way I was one of those ‘expected’ girls. I mean… the twat that was following me about had no fucking chance of doing me harm. But I got worried. The fucker (even though we’re anonymous) showed up on THIS blog to call me names.

And this swings the other way these days. The Crow’s been through it and all. Some dopey fucking bitch he used to know wrote a lot of shit about him online that I WAS THERE TO KNOW ISN’T TRUE. But people in general are fucking scum sometimes.

Us two being private people… we don’t get into these things to defend ourselves. But fuck me… things are completely fucked right now. And they always have been.

Fucks sake. I’m on a full blown rant right now about random shit. Let’s get back to the film…

Note end.

I was just on a rant at this point. I cut it out but thought it needed to be left intact anyhow. Sorry for being so openly personal. Just needed to vent.