About the Corvidae


Reviews: the final frontier in entertainment. These are the voyages of the Review-class starship Corvid.
Its ongoing mission: to explore strange new media, to seek out new creators and new genres, to boldly explore what no bird has explored before.
(As we slowly — but surely — take over the world.)

The Corvid Review is a product of the minds of birds. Primarily, the team is: the Crow himself, who has long been in the writing game, and is best friends with the handsome man pictured above; and the Azure-Winged Magpie – a long-term partner in crime of the Crow’s. Following the core team are our latest crew-members, the Spotted Nutcracker (recruited by the Azure-Winged Magpie!) and the Vulture (recruited by the Crow). Also ranking among our passerine associates is the Brown-Necked Raven (the oldest associate of the Crow’s), who’ll check in from time to time.

Occasionally, our resident non-passerines the Swan(!) and the mysterious Honey-glazed Chicken Wings (one of the oldest associates of the Crow’s) will drop by to say hello.

Once in a while, we’ll team up with our allies the Cat, or our friendly-neighbourhood Trained Monkey for a few text-bites. Amongst our former members is our last ‘Number One’: the Raven.

That said, all we’d like you to know is:

Kaw-Kaw! and Chatter Chatter!

We see… everything.

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