Review: American Horror Story: 1984 S09E06 — Episode 100 [2019]

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a (short) review by the Raven.

Hey readers, seems like I have an affinity for stumbling upon special episodes to review. This one marks AHS’s 100th episode! 

Let’s dive right in.

Episode 100


The episode starts off and it turns out an entire year has passed, which means it’s no longer 1984 – its 1985. We see our familiar characters settled into their new avatars of either being a murderer, framed victim or a Camp Redwood ghost. The episode kicks off with Ramirez and Mr Jingles living together in a dirty old apartment, following which Mr Jingles has had enough of the slasher life and throws Ramirez under the bus. He tips off a lady in the crowd about Ramirez’s whereabouts – and the crowd proceeds to nab and beat the shit out of him. Once he’s been taken away, we cut to seeing Mr Jingles leading a happy life with a newfound wife and kid. The wife knows about his past, and accepts him 100%, stating she has a crazy one as well, since she used to be a prostitute. Hmm, seems a bit too good to be true. And in true AHS style, it is.

Later on in the episode, Mr Jingles is happily living in Alaska and enjoying dinner with his wife, when he suddenly hears about Camp Redwood on the news. She asks if she should turn it off but he’s strangely numb to it and says no, it’s okay – and proceeds to watch the news clip which states that yet another murder has taken place at the camp. Again. The scene ends with him saying he’s actually not affected by it, and feels good, as if he’s moved on and the trauma is over. That he’s finally past it. Well damn – you spoke too soon, Mr Jingles, you spoke too soon.

Which brings us back to Camp Redwood. Montana, Xavier and Ray are all ghosts there now, settled in and everything. Montana and Xavier are definitely pro-killing whereas Ray is sick of having to clean up their messes for them. We encounter a bloodthirsty Montana, who seduces and then stabs a poor tourist to death on the same lake bridge we’ve seen in this season so many times before. A debate arises, as tensions rise between the older ghosts (1970) who are quite non violent, with the new ones (1984) who are causing problems with their constant need for blood. This was quite funny and entertaining – almost like watching an older dog try and cope with the hyper bullshit of a new puppy at home. Watching the dynamics of all the ghosts definitely felt very AHS. Fun times. 

We jump a bit into the future, because its suddenly 1989, and a quick intro of the MTV show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous features none other than Margaret, who is now a famous real estate agent that specialises in creating hotels that are… well, haunted. After getting away with the Redwood murders twice in a row, her confidence is at an all time high, and she even has a newfound husband, Trevor (whom she had rather unsuccessfully tried to kill in True Killers), hanging off her arm. They both have a strange, messed up relationship – where he has to deal with her obvious murderous psychopathy, but she also has to deal with his extra packaging (that apparently doesn’t work anymore). Sounds like a typical Hollywood power couple marriage to me. 

Let’s cut to Brooke (you know, the actual protagonist of the show) for a minute. She’s in prison and has been scheduled for execution. Ramirez is also in the same jail and offers to help her through Satan’s power to his highest capacity, but she responds with either middle fingers or the f-word. She simply won’t have it. Death is her choice, even though she clearly states her innocence and blames Margaret for it minutes before her execution, and spits at her on the two-way mirror. Brooke is slowly injected with a death-inducing chemical (Potassium chloride) by the prison guards and announced dead, but lo and behold – she is revived in the last few minutes of the show by none other than Nurse Rita (now known as Donna), who gives her epinephrine and brings her back to life.

As for Ramirez, he brings in some supernatural elements by summoning Satan for immortality. He then goes on to actually track down Jingles in Alaska and kills his wife in her bedroom, streaking the rooms walls with her fresh blood, as revenge for outing him when they were ‘bros’. At this point, Margaret has scheduled a huge rock concert to re-open Camp Redwood, and suddenly it’s clear that all of our characters’ paths lead back there, for an obvious epic showdown. 

Mr Jingles is now enraged and wants revenge for his wife’s murder, and is going to go track down Ramirez and Margaret to settle the score, one final time. He deposits his baby boy with his wife’s sister to keep him safe while he settles the score and deals with his inner darkness. Back at the camp, the ghosts are all fired up and ready to kill Margaret too, but they hold back from killing her at a press conference in lieu of bigger, better kill later on during the concert. Ramirez is all hyped because Billy Idol is playing, and can’t miss it because hey – #1 fan and all that shit. Satan obliges and helps him escape from his cell so he doesn’t miss his favourite songs. How sweet.

All in all this episode was interesting, entertaining yet still quite bizarre – which is precisely what I would expect from an AHS episode. It sets up the next episode well, leaving us with a bunch of different scattered characters all converging to the same destination, in search of blood. Im definitely waiting for the next one to see everyone rock out, and hopefully, see Mr Jingles show the world what he’s really made of – now that he’s truly become the monster they said he was in the first place. Curiouser and curiouser.

— till next time.

Final Ratings

THE RAVEN: 7.5/10
THE CROW: 3/10

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